Mr. Stefan Schleifenbaum, M.Sc.

Mr. Schleifenbaum is a research fellow from the University of Leipzig, ZESBO Biomechanics Laboratory. He visited the lab in 2015 and helped to set up the newly-acquired Zwick/Roell testing device.

Dr. Thomas Grünewald, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Grünewald, CEO of the Treatment Center for Highly Contagious diseases, Klinikum St Georg, Leipzig, Germany visited us in late 2016 for a short stay to give insights into highly contagious diseases and their management in Central Europe. 

Prof. Michiyo Miyanaga

Professor Miyanaga, from the Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, Aesthetics and Art History. Professor Miyanaga has visited us in late 2016 and presented on her research in Artistic Anatomy, with links to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japanese NASA).

Mr. Mario Lorenz, M.Sc.

Mr. Lorenz is a Research Fellow of the Technical University of Chemnitz, Division Process Informatics and Virtual Product Development, and PhD student with Niels Hammer. His stay included two projects in virtual reality for surgery ran jointly with the Anatomy-Biomechanics Lab, entitled “A virtual reality-based study on the fitness of use of a surgical aspiration/irrigation unit” and “HIPS - hip arthroplasty implantation”.

Prof. Jens Waschke, M.D. and Dr. Franziska Vielmuth, M.D.

Dr. Waschke is a specialist anatomist and chair of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany. Dr. Vielmuth is a senior researcher in his lab. 


Both have been to Otago in 2016 and again in 2017, to present their research on Atomic Force Microscopy.

Mr. Stefan Klima, M.D., Dr. habil.

Mr. Stefan Klima, orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist is a frequent visitor to the Anatomy-Biomechanics Laboratory and the University of Otago. He is involved in pelvic biomechanics research, as well as in postgraduate training in the PGDipSurg Anat and Surgical Approaches. Dr. Klima is well-renowned for his excellent teaching skills in applied surgical anatomy.

Dr. Steve Bentley

Dr. Bentley is a renowned specialist in Musculoskeletal Medicine, with a long-standing expertise. and helped to teach third year medical students in Winter 2016 as part of an integrated course.

PD Dr. Sabine Löffler


Dr. Löffler, dentist, clinical anatomist, academic prosector and group leader at the University of Leipzig, Germany, has visited us at the University of Otago in August and September 2017. While staying in our lab, Dr. Löffler continued working on a number of joint projects, including vagus nerve stimulation and teaching-related research. She gave invited talks comparing the German with the New Zealand educational system in medicine, and contributed to third-year clinical anatomy teaching. 

Recent Guests and Visitors

(Reverse chronological order)

Dr. Benjamin Ondruschka, M.D. & Mr. Marcus Schwarz, M.Sc.


Dr. Ondruschka, forensic Pathologist and Mr. Schwarz, forensic entomologist from the University of Leipzig, Germany, have visited in April 2017. Dr. Ondruschka is a key collaborator in the head biomechanics projects. Both have taught to amazing insights into their daily work to undergraduate FORS201students in Otago, and given a series of presentations of seminars to the Anatomy Department, the NZFSS and the Department of Medicine.