Combined mechanical testing and image correlation

Selected Publications:

  • Schleifenbaum S, Prietzel T, Aust G, Boldt A, Fritsch S, Keil I, Koch H, Möbius R, Scheidt HA, Wagner MF, Hammer N. Acellularization-Induced Changes in Tensile Properties Are Organ Specific - An In-Vitro Mechanical and Structural Analysis of Porcine Soft Tissues. PloS one. 2016;11(3):e0151223.

A Limess Q400 Digital Image Correlation device with two cameras (Limess Messtechnik, Krefeld, Germany) is available for optical co-registration of mechanical properties and/or tissue deformation. The device is capable of measuring 2D and 3D deformations at various framerates. It works independently or coupled with the material testing machine.

Optical Image Correlation