4i  Invasive Interventions In Intensive Care 

Our new course aimed at Intensivists, using Thiel-embalmed cadavers. Details can be found here.

Forensic Science

Our group and collaborators teach into this second-year paper for Otago students. The lectures and practicals include autopsy, forensic traumatology, medical investigations at crime scenes, sudden death in infancy, time since death and forensic entomology. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy (PGDipSurgAnat)

These three-day courses (BASIC / ADVANCED) give a unique hands-on opportunity to observe and practice standard surgical approaches for the upper and lower extremities and the pelvis. The course is jointly run by A/P Niels Hammer, Mr. Klima and specialist surgeons from New Zealand. The course is NZOA-accredited. Thiel-embalmed cadavers are used.


Anatomy Otago

NZOA (Course)

Surgical Approaches for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

The Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy is a one–year programme providing clinically relevant anatomy. The programme consists of four papers, distance learning and two separate two-week periods of dissection and intensive campus-based instruction. 


Anatomy Otago

Professional and Postgraduate Teaching

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